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Where can I collect my tickets?

Most of the venues and promoters we sell tickets with offer "Box Office Collection" as a means of receiving your tickets. This method allows you to pick up your tickets in person at the event box office, usually at the venue itself when the doors open.

If the option to select this method isn't available for an event, the facility is most likely not permitted by the event organisers or disabled until the last few days before the event to keep collection queues down to a minimum. As there is no guarantee that tickets will still be available at this point, we recommend you select a post out option rather than wait.


As a rule for most events, collection will be available on the night of the event at the venue box office, from when the doors open. However, please be aware that Box Office Collection hours and arrangements can occasionally vary. 

You'll need to bring...

In order to pick up your tickets the cardholder must be present and provide:

  • The card used to purchase the tickets
  • The confirmation code or print out of the confirmation page or email
  • A signature upon collection
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